About Us



“Never mind the quantity feel the wit.”

What began as a pamphlet first called The Shabby Hare has
grown in to the substantial periodical called The Inconsequential.
Although it will not appear in, but on periodic tables – though the
tables themselves are more permanent than even the magazine;
unless one takes in to account the memories of those lucky
enough and bold enough to read this missive ejaculated into the
void, as it is.

Its spasmodic nature serves two general principles of
physics: Keep your readership waiting and the anticipation can sometimes over-ride judgements, thus rendering what would be
scathing criticism down to a weariness of kindly opprobrium;
secondly, the element of surprise raises spirits, just as they
thought they’d read the last ever, along comes another to test
their patience and sensibilities and the soft tissue near their ribcages.

Ars labor 2, desperandum nil