News Real 6 – issue 32

A word from our political despondent for overseas regression.

It certainly looks like a case of Lost Week Minds in the US at the moment. The political frenzied imbibing of republican liquor is giving them, it appears to sober, international onlookers, the raging DTs

The country, and it is amazing how homogenous media present the diversity that must be the US, is in a state of Bacchanalian orgy of right-wing politics that has passed the point of entertaining and/or merely pain-in-the-ass.

An alien autopsy would conclude that the US body politic needs radical detoxing. However, even alien scientists haven’t come up with a solution to sober up nobody’s favourite uncle. There’ll be no thanksgiving in 90% of the world at large for the morning after.*

*78% of 15 women agree

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