News Real 2 – Issue 32


Aloysius Fox, the new minister for sinister duplicity, has informed a Mr George Chicken that a vote to stick with the house-builders who use straw is the best thing for any continuation in his current dwelling.

The RHon Fox says he will co-operate with the housing developers to ensure George cannot get the chance to upgrade to a house made of brick. Mr Fox reassured George that he was slaving over the details to protect George from having to make a decision about his life as “I know what’s best for you.”  The sinister minister also added, without any sense of irony or contrition, “We’ll make sure your house is built with only top grade US straw and Guatemalan glue: we only want you to enjoy your property in this age of blustering, powerful wolves.”

Some critics of George have accused him of being pig-headed in resisting progress.

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