Miscellany 2 – Issue 32

What’s in a Name?

There comes a time, usually once in a generation, when a fresh, innovative approach is required. A different perspective is needed: an offbeat view of the world is suddenly a necessity…and, more importantly, an offbeat view of how the world sees you is paramount.  You may be at a crossroads in your career, a turning point in your relationship, or you may simply want to avoid capture by the authorities.  Whatever the reason, a radical overhaul of both your appearance and your outlook is essential.

The good people who make Cushelle, Marathon, Immac and Opal Fruits all felt the same way at one point or another and they all had the same solution to their dilemma: a bold, fearless – some may say reckless – notion to change their identity forever.  A sweeping rebrand and a swift name change altered the course of each product’s future and that of its loyal followers irrevocably.

The history books will decide whether the toilet tissue trade has flourished now that we can buy Charmin, or that going hairless is a so much more pleasurable experience since we can Veet our follicles into submission, but on the off chance that such a seemingly cavalier action can yield dividends, we at The Inconsequential have decided to follow suit: following this issue, the next time our witty and thought-provoking articles are lying prostrate in your hands, they will be flying proudly under the banner of The Shabby Hare.

We are aware that over the last 13 years, you have grown to love The Inconsequential as if we were a trusted friend, or even a member of the family: one that would tell you that, yes, your bum does look big in those jeans, but it doesn’t matter one iota because you are, and will remain, a beautiful person, no matter what.  However, even trusted friends must move on and attempt to increase their market share, but please rest assured that we would never leave you behind.  We want you with us every step of the way to wherever it is we’re going and so to make the transition easier, we will be including in the new magazine as many Inconsequential favourites as we can legally and contractually manage.

Of course, being a new publication, we will be introducing one or two original features that we hope you will come to regard as fondly as those you know already, and you may notice a slightly edgier style, but essentially, the spirit of our former selves will be retained.

So, there’s no need to be apprehensive – even committed Virgoans, resistant to change, could embrace the transformation and face the future with confidence.

If you would like a sneak preview of this new venture, head over to www.shabbyhare.com and view the new layout, but please bear in mind that the site is currently very much work-in-progress.  On that note, feel free to contact us at the email address online with suggestions, comments, praise or constructive criticism.  Keep a look out for Issue 1, which will be appearing shortly and, in the meantime, why not wallow in nostalgia and view The Mag Itself at www.theinconsequential.org for anything you might have missed, or want to relive.

Enjoy!  Stay happy!…and vive la difference!!

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