Cover Story: Monochrome or the Art of the Absolute – Issue 32

One of the most dismal terms becoming de rigeuer is, “end of.” It is the worst excess of a dictatorial mind. It is intended to close all argument and debate as if by saying it, the speaker is relaying an absolute truth. It is symptomatic of an age where authentic debate is disappearing behind a veil of buffoonery and egotistical rhetoric. An age where if it isn’t black, it’s white. Ironic really given the success of the unimaginative best-seller that extols the virtue of greyness.
‘End of’ indicates a lack of sophistication that is manifest in Kafkaesque, commercial enclaves that run roughshod over Freedoms of Speech, Thought, Expression and Movement, and wield power without proper justification and without any proper debate about the nature of the edicts and diktats that are peddled as absolute truth. Coupled with this absolutist tautological dictatorship is the declaration that the power is treating all of its subjects the same. This lack of recognition of individuals within a power nexus fails to understand any dynamic of healthy negotiation between parties that are affecting and affected by the power structure elicited through blind dictatorship in and for itself. The increasing use of thresholds of intolerance that end up prosecuting the innocent in a lazy and disingenuous pursuit of a minority of petty miscreants is prevalent in such enclaves controlled by an obsession with spreadsheets and constructed productivity targets that are arbitrary and dictatorial.
The commandments sent down by the god of corporate commerce, are cascaded as if set in stone but their arbitrary nature means the ‘goalposts’ can be moved on anything up to an hourly basis. The brightly coloured judgemental cells ironically turn any should-be debate and reasonable negotiation into a recognition of crass, monochrome guilty as charged unless proven innocent after sometimes lengthy challenges to such unsophisticated authoritarian social engineering practices.
The underlying basis for this authoritarianism is the referent ‘business needs’ that proves to be an absolute denotation when it should at best be merely a connotation of meaning that at least has to explain itself and accept its imitations when paying lip service to diversity and individual needs of its subjects.
Just like the growing absolute value of experience being costed to a point where if you don’t raise money from your being in the world, then your experience has been worthless and by default, self-indulgent and anti-social. This social value, so-called is merely the conforming to materialistic defining of our experience of ourselves and society in service of corporate commercial profiteering. There are less and less hues in our socio-political systems that turn everything monochrome by their growing insistence on ‘end of’ rather than ‘beginning of’.

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