A Poem by Graham C Hodgson – Issue 32

(a poem by Graham C Hodgson)

Radio For One To Three           

Words and music, that’s all it is. Hijacked to feed a world

At one with division and greed, keeping us up.

All night they lie, awake or sleeping into the afternoon.

Play with me and perhaps we’ll break the chain,

Reaction may be hostile, but at least it’s a start!

The week, strengthened by our pacific force, may, come Sunday,

Feature a flickering flame, flourishing through the friction

From our soft resistance, enlightening the wait of the world.

This weekend, our compassion’s spark may intolerance burn today.

For free speech maybe everyone’s right, but not everyone’s right, or free.

Thinking should be how we roll: let us build upon that rock.

Show your laughter’s beam can trump any wall and pierce it through.

The night may be dark, but don’t forget, thinking allowed: it’s only words and music.


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