News Real 2 – Issue 31


THOUGHT FOR TODAY: For August it is: May

A poster in one of the more run down areas of Britain: Do Not Forgive Them (Tories and their party politics supporters) Father For they Do Know What They Do.

The latest PM as summarised by a graffiti wit:

Ruling from the heights of ornate, expensive high heels, seeing that the proles are on their uppers and constantly down at heel. (She was always a shoe-in for the job).

Her governance where the working-class will get fitted-up for their concrete shoes before being sold down the river.

“I don’t mind being lied to, deceived, exploited and repressed, as long as they’re honest about it!”

The depressing mindset of statistics measuring the value of human life.

96 deaths three decades ago are now included in the crime figures. It took that long for those custodians of fate to finally admit their culpability in the tragedy of multiple unavoidable deaths.

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