Angus Tura Opinion Page – Issue 31

Homo Flaccidus – we’ve evolved into this and are being manipulated into unfulfilled impotence before ultimate, authoritarian power.

There are times when, on the evidence, we could be seen as invertebrates with a pseudo-intellectual, suppressed emotional, ambivalent comprehension exoskeleton, or econoskeleton.

We are in a period or phase of statistical manipulation that seeks to convince a subjugated populace that war is peace, black is white, work is freedom, zero-hours contracts are flexibility and a pay cut is a pay rise in real terms. Just look at what M&S are doing to reduce the value of labour whilst claiming that wore workers will be better off. They fail to mention that this increase to minimum ‘living wage’ was imposed upon them by government legislation so that their response to reduce the wage for unsociable hours is not an overall positive wage strategy of theirs to improve the value of labour.

We fell out of the trees or crawled from the primordial swamp, stood up to be counted then bent over backwards, broke our vertebrae and slipped back into a technological prime number swamp called capitalism.

We are impressed by the devices that tell us, so accurately, of gross, embarrassing and shameful inequality in the world. We instantaneously produce figures for the dying, for debts and deficits but the devices are useless in the application of philosophy, intellect and reason and such cruel inhumanity equations.

We can calculate, through technology, the numerical value of X but we cannot suitably engage the fact of X being a human in suffering because Y is bracketed by privilege and misplaced and inflated value of a fellow human being.

Opportunism and so-called luck are underpinning modern meritocracy.

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