Twelfth Fight (part the Ninth) – Issue 30

TWELFTH FIGHT part the Ninth

We find Frank in the house of the mayor of Moose, WY, trying to get some peace from the pursuers intent on ending his stay, permanently.

Mayor Mordecai has ideas for a national park for the Grand Tetons but Frank opens with:

Not with so many cretins roaming the plains!

Mayor then said to Frank, with a degree of paternal spirit:

Your cloak tis lined with fear and deep loathing

Should you not get out of such sad clothing?

Frank replied with:

I’ve tried to strip and make me with no cowl

I’m haunted by wardrobes of attire most foul

knaves want only to dress me in shroud-white

from such raiments I tire so and take flight

tho still their grim service like cross garter snake

would raise to high plains a corpse me make

I strive in all my sinews turn an agued cheek

to be dressed in contentment’s all I seek

Europe’s peace I crave a character flaw

despite good philosophies, always at war;

a place where life is not a smoked gun

though garments of good are too a nun

to save myself from sordid mummery…

Mayor Mordecai interjected:

You must tread your heart’s trail…

(a shot rings out and shatters the teapot previously on the table)

tarry no more here, fly, and without fail

(Frank turns like a top and dispatches another dull would-be assassin)


My feet like dice must tumble and spin my fate

and set a course to find and embrace Kate

spreading my regret and contrition before her

so she might not to past errors refer

and share a future life I’ve run here from

in my dandling folly I’ve lost my aplomb

whatever sleep should come I will dream thus;

Kate’s arms might still reach out for me at night

and I will no longer draw another fight.


Wait not, step over the hurdle outside

find you the brightest muscle-bound steed and ride

til love stay your gallop and unseat joy

to bed down any dark and wretched ploy


You are aright, I know well your clear truth

the journey back to Kate’s arms will cheer forsooth

Adieu ever this place and fleeing too

My Kate her heart I must once more woo

Frank fled the house and bolted for the stables, only to see a large, dark shadow intercept his path…

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