News Real 5 – Issue 25


Last week, on TV, two featherweights of politics ruffled one another’s plumage as they indulged in petty gainsaying without ever defining a premise.

Nobby Edward Forage-Forvotes, the English standard bigot candidate, juggled statistics manfully – a la April Fools’ Day – and, remarkably, knocked his ‘opponent’ into a cocked hat.

His opportunistic rhetoric made economic sense but consequently obfuscated the premise of disingenuous bigotry based in class-racism. He made no mention of necessary nationalisation that would bring some ‘independence’ from Europe, thus locating his pseudo-radical class racism in deferential service of corporate capitalism, that currently contradicts any idea of democracy, even the half-baked type which accepts the incongruity of a royal family and its archaic tendrils stifling any would-be free and fair society, and makes vulnerable the so-called UK populace this sham of a radical claims to want to represent.

Mr. Forage-Forvotes won the debacle by default due to his ‘opponent’ being devoid of conviction, unless you consider his gross disingenuousness that grievously negates any, and I mean any, political credibility.

The coalition leaders commented on the debacle, although the supposed Tory, euphemistically called shadow PM, merely echoed the view expressed by Lord Henry Smuggings, the Tory spokesperson, who said:

“It just goes to show that it isn’t what you say, it’s what you don’t have to say that matters. Both party leaders evinced a shape-shifting approach to policy that will merely confuse the electorate. We, on the other hand, do not have to say anything. The electorate knows what its getting with Tories.”