Jos Bitumen Archive – Issue 22

We’ve unearthed a rich vein of Jos’ sixties period It is believed by friends and colleagues that on one fine summer’s evening, Jos dropped a tab of acid thinking he was licking a stamp to put on an envelope when writing to his girlfriend for more money.


Blancmange flies like an arrow

fruit flies like a banana

Then a zip as my trouser flies

career like an uncivil savant

and I’m counting the elephants

til I see your pot of honey again

It is thought by critics that the next poem was penned when he was most of the way back down but still in need of some kind of succour, even if it wasn’t financial.


I first heard people talking

then I looked into the skies

pretty soon I was there gawping

just looking into your many eyes

smiles and laughter spraying sparks

in crackling fiery conversations

your splendour leaving scorching marks

though I was developing reservations

Too beautiful the glorious roman candle

heart spinning like a Catherine Wheel

though a display twas more than I could handle

because of the thoughts it made me feel

Becoming fascinated by moments when light lands

and the splashes of colour that turn to dark

grasping at a stick of joy with ignorant hands

seduced just at the point you leave your mark

Flames tainted by glee, reddened by fear

snuffed out by wanting’s fateful flaws

the arc of your loveliness far too near

yet moving inexorably beyond dissolving doors