An Interview With Marcel Marceau – Issue 22

AN INTERVIEW WITH:  MARCEL MARCEAU (The brilliant, entertaining Mime)

Eds: Hello, or should we say Bonjour, Marcel.

MM: (!)

Eds: I realise French people have a reputation for being passionate but, this is neither the time nor the place for that kind of gesture. Oh, sorry, lost in translation. Nous sommes désolés.

MM: …

Eds: Are you air-squatting comfortably?

MM: …

Eds: Do you do much charity work in between your art?

MM: …

Eds: That’s a nice gesture. What do you think of French or indeed world politics?

MM: …

Eds: All a bunch of slapheads, then, with their fingers up their own austerity measures.

MM: … … … ….

Eds: Lots of people want to ask you whether you have ever spoken inadvertently during your life?’

MM: … … .-. –. ..- …

Eds: Really, just twice. Oh, sorry, that’s two sugars in your coffee.

MM: ..- ..- .-. –.

Eds: That’s hilarious, Marcel, especially how you made out it was someone else throwing their voice. Brilliant.


Eds: Does miming frustrate you when you want to say or show something a little more complex?

MM: .-. !!! .-. ?*/ .-. ^%& … %.- -.- ..- ..- ..-

EDs: Wow. I guess not. That’s one of the most eloquent and expressive explanations of the tenets of relativist determinism I’ve ever heard.

MM: …

Eds: What are your thoughts on love?

MM: … .-. &.-

Eds: Indeed.

MM: @£$ .-. (.) -.-

Eds: Through the eyes. Really. That’s fascinating.

MM: — .-. &*^ {}- .-. $-£

Eds: In the tactile gentleness, ah, good.

MM: -=- +=- … .”. “?”

Eds: And. Oh. In the sexual act. Indeed. That’s very clear, Marcel, thank you…You can stop now. I understand. That’s getting a little too explicit. You have to consider our Englishness, Marcel. For mercy’s sake, arretez-vous là.

MM: ***!******-_)(‘><|

Eds: Quite finished. Here’s a towel. Right. When did your love of mime begin?

MM: … …….*8.

Eds: Really, from two years old. You surprised your mother when potty training. Hah, hah, that’s priceless. Was the incident the inspiration behind your world renowned pissoir sketch?

MM: +++ ()( &*^ .-. .-. –.

Eds: Yes, it was brilliant. You do so much of your performing without props?

MM: … .-.

Eds: Only those that come to hand. I see. Ah, well, that’s one of the more obvious. You can put it away now, Marcel. We get the picture. That must go down well after ten o-clock at night.

MM: …

Eds: Sorry, We didn’t mean that. It’s just an expression. Good god, isn’t spoken language too ambiguous. We can see why you chose miming and gestures.

MM: —

Eds: Do you dream in mime?

MM: ^^^

Eds: Jungian symbolism. Well, I never. You’ve hurt your wrist?

MM: …

Eds: Oh, you have to go. OK, Marcel, it has been a distinct pleasure listening to you. Take care. Au revoir.