Political Cartoon (In The Orifices Of Art) – Issue 21


The search for the source of the mystery of the post-post-ultra-Naive-Modernist artist has finally come to an end.

After what seems like years of fawning and puzzlingly gymnastic, and at times obscenely self-serving critical analysis, Dickensian benefactorial sponsorship and holy grail searching, the truth about the genius behind such phenomenal artworks as “Conceptual before I could conceive of such things,” “Brave New Bollocks,” and “I Didn’t Know I Couldn’t Draw Until I Was Old Enough to Understand Talent,” has finally been established.

The artist was found in bed, or should I say a cot, warmly tucked up and snoring what critics are trying to suggest is a naive interpretation of Schubert’s Trout Symphony. The artist, now known as High Wycombe Davis, is actually only five and a half years old.

“He loves to play with paint and pencils, the latter reminds him of his dad, who left us as soon as he found out about HW’s conception.” his proud mum said of her little bundle of money, sorry joy.

“Did it not occur to you to tell the art community of his identity when his art was commanding millions of dollars, and that the labels of brilliant naivety were much closer to the mark than the critics and fawners ever thought?”

“No, why should I, when the critical acclaim of artists much older than HW get away with naivety labels when in actuality they cannot draw.”

Some critics are revising their original commentaries in order to accommodate the fact that the artworks of HW are quite sophisticated for a child of a mere 30 months old, so naive is either the best or worst description depending on your view and positioning in the art critical milieux. Is it only a case of bizarre art mentality coinciding with reality or an indication of the fictitiousness of quality and value of and in art itself?

To make up your own mind, we’ve included the latest of the boy-prodigy’s art, called naively by his mother, “The Queen as she appeared on a Five-pound note when I thought Bobby Charlton should have been supreme ruler of The British Isles and its Commonwealth.”

When asked of the validity of this latest piece which was obviously conceived long before HW was born, his mother replied. “The lad’s got a wonderful retrospective mind that helps him recreate scenes from an unknown to him past as if they were his own memories. You’ll agree that the art he produces through his unquantifiable and clinically unproven genius is bona fide naive if you’ve ever conceived of it!”

We, like the early responses to his brilliantly insightful, brave and deliberately understated or under-drawn art, agree that it is indeed stunningly naive.

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