Our Man In Hiatus – Issue 21

Is being hunted by the authorities for being a communist subversive: his crime is suggesting there could be anything approaching a pause in the progressive, corporate productivity drive.

Tee-shirts are being mass-produced by slave workers in the burgeoning economies of the far east with the slogans:

“Lunchtime is for Wimps,” “Clockwatching is a symptom of Communism,” and “There’s only one right and it’s not human.”

The lad himself is hiding away in an undisclosed location but it hasn’t stopped his urge to express himself in journals and essays. The subject matter is being marginalised by critics as leftist propaganda and against the best practice of the can do attitude which has only one aim: to be the ultimate excellence until the next excellence supersedes it.

Our man expounds the virtue of scepticism and rational analysis without the sentimentality of cruel conservatism. He urges us to take the extended time we might have in life to slow down, even stand still so as to facilitate thought that should inevitably lead to asking a holistic question like, “What progress can we claim when there are too many humans dying for lack of necessities, whilst there are a growing number of people ‘earning’ personal wealth beyond imagining, especially when thinking of those without – through no fault of their own – becoming mere charity cause célèbres for those very people taking far more than they are worth – in human terms – as a means of self-promotion.

So, our man, hounded by Far right authorities, is still suggesting that we stop the wheel turning, for even a moment, and think humanely.

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