Cover Story – Issue 21


Opportunity is not the mere physical movement to grasp the key to the material universe but to fashion, with authentic activity, one that truly opens the door of possibility for all humanity.

Scepticism is not a disease like aggravated dermatitis, but the fundamental impulse of a free human being. So much of human history is a chronicle of sceptics who refused to passively accept current realities presented by those in power. In a sense, we, as human beings with a natural imperative to challenge power, especially that which strives to reduce legitimate and dynamic freedom of choice, thought, movement and behaviour, must, if we continue to define ourselves as cognitive, even semi-intelligent beings, rebel. The corporate business power brokers have usurped the essence of this rebelliousness in servitude to their narrow, reductive project of profiteering for the minorities, and coined it as the by now tired cliche, “thinking outside the box.”

Logically, when any power structure becomes the only ideologically accepted version of reality, then it must have become the very box we need to think outside of. The dialectic of rebellion must by its nature resist any ideology, or claimed ‘natural’ organic development of behaviours called political society, which claims an end point of any credible alternative thought. This is applicable to all forms of power hithertofore perpetrated by government mafia, oligarchs, royal dynasties and religious power structures.

Without healthy scepticism, any key to progress is merely one already established as fitting a preordained lock and predetermined ‘door’ through which reality exists, in whatever form it is presented in unimaginative, reductive propaganda.

If we are to truly embrace the energies we admire in children as tenuous hope for a worthwhile future, we must be sceptical and rebel when confronted by small-minded determinism epitomised by the reality construct called economics.

If the symbolism of ‘coming of age’ twenty-one is of any worth with substance then it has to entail rebellion and at least a semblance of authentic freedom to influence any extant reality in order to maintain a proper human dynamic that resists ossification of ideas by the determined application and deferential passivity of acceptance as assent of fixed drudge productivity. Real activity, replete with possibility for reality should positively serve many rather than few.

Using an analogy of humanity as growing individual – assuming the reality of freedom – we are regressing to infancy as the eternal suckling pursing its lips in a need mired in pre-development and vulnerability, rather than realising after necessary learning, our maturity as a fully-fledged individual with a healthy ego more able to encounter humanity that continues to grow to authentic adulthood and not stagnate in a state of infantile dependency on the least representative members of our species who too often, glibly, claim to be looking out for our welfare whilst wielding a patriarchal iron fist punishing and diminishing those they consider beneath them, without recognisable moral and ethical consistency and fairness. Grasping the power brokers’ key merely turns opportunity for human development and progress into a greater restrictive set of stock ideas, closing doors for worthwhile human interaction that might realise a dynamic in society that reflects our love of co-operation that we are kept from when persuaded to  accept the key of predetermined and reductive development that activates the dead lock of capitalism, corporatism and boxed in economics.

All this struggle takes place in a backdrop of a universe so vast it has frightened us. We as a species have looked into the wholly indifferent abyss that surrounds us in three-dimensional space and have reacted as a terrified child would: foetally flawed faith-based economists, believing the ‘biblical’ doctrines given credence by narratives we cannot authenticate yet follow without proper analysis of the premises of their reality. With even the tenuous ‘Christian God’ absent, the vacuum is filled with a faith in economics that claim to describe every reality and now underpin any loosely expressed philosophy that has to refer to economics as the singular defining value-system for us as a species. We’ve reduced our existence and all its possibilities to the production of virtual wealth that gains the appearance of reality because we believe stories that have no logical consistency. Think on this: we have created a value system of metal and paper, represented as real even in virtual space of computers, that dictates our essence as humans in all its complexity, we become afraid of real activities that could make life a more humane experience, replacing optimism with acceptance of pessimism informed by cynicism eloquently expressed in political economic narratives.

We need to grow up and work to produce not only a better key but a lock that encapsulates a human nature no longer in fear of itself and a universe where we float in wonderful randomness.

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