Scenes From The 21st Century – Issue 20


Curtain rises.

Black stage.

Footsteps are heard. A scuffling of hands, then click!

A projection from the right of the stage illuminates the one figure visible now, neither man nor woman.

Head turns as more footsteps are heard underneath where projection is coming from.

More scuffling, then click!

Another projection crosses the first. They intermingle. Images are the same, yet not the same. Both figures are now animated. They both walk towards one another. At one point they physically glance one another. A feint smile appears on each face.

Then after a little interlude of this seemingly random movement, though some is distinctly arbitrary, as if each had a will, suddenly, click! One projection goes off and one figure stops.

The other figure continues but the parameters of activity and movement are restricted to walking through the existing projection, as if bathing in the images.

After another minute or so of this singular movement, suddenly, click! The only projection ends and there is stillness, silence again, darkness again.

Curtain falls.

A gentle chorus of sobbing, interspersed with laughing can be heard behind the curtain.

Then, suddenly, silence.

Safety Curtain falls.

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