Evolutions – Issue 20


1) In the game of croquet, not every player is given equal opportunity.  The first player to begin has the potential to reach the goal without a break.  This phrase was coined to describe the definite advantage to the player beginning the game.  Today, the phrase is applied to any type of beginning.

2) This product was widely believed to promote strength and have healing abilities because it contained more iron than any other food of its type.  An error occurred in the 1930s when the US government’s food guide accidentally put a decimal point in the wrong place, making it appear that this food contained ten times more iron than it actually had.  Consumption of this product rose by 33% during the 1930s when it was profiled as a source of strength by a popular cartoon character.

3) Centuries before the invention of hats, men wore hoods of cloth or fur.  The type of hood worn was an indication of one’s occupation and social standing.  Doctors, priests and artisans all wore hoods which easily identified their various means of employment.  This word resulted from an individual impersonating another’s position in this manner.

4) This ancient measuring term is derived from the Greek word for carob seed.  These seeds were once used as weights.

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