Short (scary) Story

Packing Up The Pieces

Detective Debbie Harlow arrived at the scene of the crime to find her boyfriend had been chopped into multiple bloody pieces and had been carefully displayed in a large open suitcase.  The killer she’d been chasing was obviously sending her a message, if only she’d included her mobile phone number on facebook, perhaps he could have just sent her a text instead.

Police Constable ‘Raymond Pearman’, or as he was known amongst his friends and colleagues; ‘PC Ray Pearman’ filled her in, “I’m terribly sorry Detective Harlow, I can only imagine how painful this must be.”
“Yeah, especially if the killer started cutting him from his feet and worked his way up to the head!”
“Uh, oh..” he stuttered, “…actually I meant for you.  Most of the cuts were made post mortem and are very clean and neat.  We think the killer may be a butcher or a member of the local council.  At least the head is still in tact.”
“Absolutely, he always did give good head.   Well. I have to look on the bright side I guess.  At least when we head off to Benidorm together in August, I won’t have to help him pack.”

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