Thinking is better than trampolining. Ask yourself, how many times would you have to bounce up and down before you are able to rationalise the reality in front of you?

Only last month, I had a real dilemma to work through so I made a beeline for the trampoline. I pushed the children aside and began to bounce for all I was worth. After about two hours, I was in no fit state to make out a will or shopping list, even if it were on a hand-held device.

In fact, it took much medication and rest to get back to the point where I could think clearly about anything. But it wasn’t just anything I needed to think about.

I was in a situation where my perception of the reality a person had been presenting me with was being severely misrepresented by my cognitive failings. These failings led me to believe and even feel illusions as if they were real.

Whilst trampolining took my mind and body off the issue for the time it took to bounce and the time of physical and mental recovery, it only shirked, kept at bay the full apprehension of the reality that existed behind the illusions.

After a similar period of time that the trampolining experience used up, clear, rational  thought resulted in the veil of delusion being shed. Actually the veil was made of a good quality cotton, so was used by me to mop my brow as I sweated on the realisation of the reality that had been there all the time.

In the new, cold light of reality, I felt invigorated rather than the holistic fatigue accruing from the delusions and the repetitive emulation of Tigger.

Yes, I may have lost a little excess fat but I gained something much more precious, the real. So, to summarise, I can only conclude that given an option between the physical boredom of trampolining, I choose thinking for a fuller and more authentic existence.

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