Media Page – Issue 19


OH, COSTCUTTER is wowing the customers with its musical exuberance charting the naked economics of the present day.

The cast are all volunteers and are regularly replaced without warning.


A remake of an O. Scarwilde play is making a comeback and is very contemporary and apposite piece in these parlous austere times.

THE IMPORTANCE OF BEING AN EARNER enacts the difficulty of finding, or in the case of Mr Unworthy, being forced to work for mere public subsidy of a private firm, employment which pays well enough to be a breadwinner.



SILENT MOVIE: A comedian goes through many pratfalls as easily as falling off a dialogue. Starring Mel Tingpot, Dom Ino Blank and Maddie Cant.

“So good you could hear the audience leave.”

Noelle Hero of The News On Monday

“You could hear a PIN number drop.” The Money Periodical

“Incredibly noisome.” The Timid Times


The blockbuster movie sweeping the globe, translated into most languages, can be seen at a multiplex near you now. A TALE OF TWO KITTIES is a steamroller ride championing the sacrifice of many countries’ proletariat to the guillotine cuts of the economic revolution. Heads will roll but certainly not those at the top.

“Thrilling in a very macabre way.” Vin Price of The Frugal Weekly.


CANNIBAL LECTURES does the rounds again, making audiences queasy with its graphic depiction of making a meal of dinner guests.

Mr Lamb, the eponymous anti-hero while on a lecture tour, finds true love when one of his dinner guests emotionally repeats on him and gets under his skin.


APOPLECTIC, NAW comes out in 3D. “I love the looks of disdain in the morning.”


New French western starring Alain Jacques DeLadde, RETOURNER SHAME, is wowing right-wing audiences across the EU. (excepting Greece and parts of Portugal and Spain).


MY PARTNER’S BACK is a comedy drama film about the strange developments taking place behind the so-called hero’s back: His emotional partner is having an affair with the boss that sacks him, whilst his friends deride him  when he is not around. He finds all this out when he returns from a business trip.

Eds: Whoever thought this subject matter was interesting should be showered with sherbet.

Grammar Times said, “What an absolute apostrophe.”


TAIL OR NO TAIL makes a comeback this week on Channel 66. This raucous exhibition of mirth and luck still draws the audience into self-referential clapping and whooping like howler monkeys. The good news for fans of this ‘show’ is that it hasn’t evolved, it’s still the simian acanthus public humiliation for the good of entertainment.


THE GLEAM TEAM follows the ups and downs of the leading lights of the acting profession. The series is chock-full of self parody and tongue-in-cheek performances. It is a kind of homage to days gone by.


Another old classic has been made in to a TV series, with RISE OF A SALESPERSON. This thirteen episode comedy-drama charts the progress in professional and casual prompting of even friends as customers.



Brian Liar recounts his bowling career and the developments of the ancient game in his latest narrative tome, EXTRAS.

Liar draws from interesting anecdotal investigations into No Balls, Wides, Leg Byes and Byes, and their leading role in the future of cricket’s credibility.

(Sponsored by ‘You Bet It’s’.)

“He oversteps the mark too often.” Dickie Bow, Umpires Unlimited.


A reprint of the novelisation of the blockbuster film, BLITHE REDUCTIONIST is being released to mixed reviews.

How many more times do we have to read the over-quoted speech on the top of the factory building by Roy Battery, the Retreat Union rep.,“I’ve had to see things you’ve not had nightmares about: the green shoots of Feudalism and the cosmic rings of Antersand.”


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