Miscellany – Issue 19


Imagine my dilemma: here I am with a purely destructive nature, yet, I want to be other than this. This embarrassing appetite of mine serves little purpose, I can never get enough, am never satisfied, so what’s it for?

The legacy of reproducing without any hugging or kissing is somewhat depressing. There’s no family planning with me and my kind and there are no family reunion or birthday parties. I don’t even acknowledge offspring as such with me being blindly avaricious.

I hope to reincarnate as a human. Perhaps this snatch of consciousness is a leaked memo of where I’m going to go next?

I’m actually excited: all that joy, happiness, physicality. I can’t wait to be satisfied and away from a slavish nature, be blase about food, totally free. It won’t be long now…I’ll just destroy this last crop and I’ll be gone into the human realm and be happy.

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