Jos Bitumen Archive Window – Issue 18

Tis the season for social folly

So far, so la di da

But I’m off to see cuddly Molly

It’ll be ooh, aah, ooh, ooh aah

There’s no emotion

In this exchange

So far, so dum-di-da

I’m still young I should be jolly

La, la la de lucking la


This Christmas ditty shows how Jos was developing his wicked sense of ironic twist, as well as his blasé attitude to sex. The playful bleakness of this piece is older than his years.

Jos was ejected and eventually banned from the school chapel for his outburst when stone cold sober: ‘Oh God, why am I foreskinned?’

Jos was always a sceptic when it came to religion. The next snippet is proof of his growing disdain for organised religions.


Mine’s God and chips

Which I eat deity

Allah my fears, oh grate on

I must nip this in the Buddha

Before I lose my shelf

Of living through thinking books

What would old friends Theo

And Sophy make of it all?


And this little gem was rescued from the tattered box of an old board game whose name, ‘Unemployment’  was years ahead of its time.


Hands spreading their palms

As though spiritedly signing for alms

Turning cogs and mechanisms

Honing light through windows and prisms

Trudging through snow thick and white

Small brown envelopes containing their plight

Going to work in the morning by rote

Returning home to pictures of children now full grown

Peeling their sweated worth, note by note

A dream house with presents they’ll never own


Jos’s brief encounter with Socialism followed this period realising the working-class as a suffering social group.


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