We’re Not Glad They Said That -Issue 17

“Capitalism has won hands down!” A smug Tory political commentator and media presenter.

And in recognition of  those APPEASERS IN AN IPOD (the modern union) who think the reality given to them by outside agencies is the only – immutable yet ever changeable – reality and don’t see their role in affecting the outcome rather than merely adapting to its establishment. Taken (in ideological context) from a recent publication.

“…partnership…key stakeholder…meet the challenge of continuous improvement…union reps, who are the lifeblood of any union…The hallmark of a successful organisation in our 21st century economy – whether it be a trade union, public service, or a private company – is how well it can spot trends, forecast challenges and, above all, adapt to what is coming down the track. Holding on to well-worn if comforting certainties that no longer reflect reality benefits no-one…unions that concentrate on fighting the employer…are simply missing the plot.” (Plot suggests an author,  the employer! Eds)

“Work related stress also has a negative effect on the productivity of staff at work.” (well, I never, eds)

All this in the preset ‘reality’ of ‘business needs’, which goes without challenge, as admitted in a union’s statement:

“ (the union) cannot negotiate on targets and incentives as the business decides what these will be.”

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