News Real – Issue 17


There has been another trough reshuffle recently, after allegations of mistake-making dogged the bright and bushy tailed Mr. Fox.

The fact that the highly intelligent porky-telling honourable gentleman had been discovered with bloody feathers in his pillows didn’t seem to enter into any investigation.

Mr. Fox’s replacement at The Department For Chicken Coop Redevelopment, is none other than Mr. Reynard. The new incumbent has shown an uncanny skill for foreign affairs and how best to keep them under wraps.

The recent summit crisis meeting ended with seven big pigs licking their lips as it has been agreed they can now tell porkies in seven different languages. However, a spokesperson looked a little disgruntled and concluded, “They’ll still plump for US English, and won’t be so rash next time a ‘bust’ is thrust upon them.

Meanwhile the three little pigs have had to give up their brick house due to rising mortgage and day to day cost of living costs.

The three profligate pals will be split up but all have found refuge in hostels owned by The Big Bad Wolf. However, the hostels are run by Vegetarians so should be safe.

Bad news, however, for the little piggy who normally goes to market for trading his organically grown produce; the market has closed down after the land was bought by a  large supermarket chain that intends to build a newer, cleaner, indoor market on the site.

Better news for the little piggy who stayed at home; he has managed to get a job online, where he’ll be able to work from home, making brown envelopes for the government and big business.

The little piggy who had roast beef all this time will have to tighten his belt. The roast beef was made part of a repayment package of a debt to be paid to someone he doesn’t know, to be repaid for which he doesn’t even know the reason. He, also will have none.


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