Miscellany – Issue 17


In a mystical, existential fairground there resides a game, so-called, where pennies hang implausibly over a shelf, encouraging punters to try their luck in dislodging a very small fortune.

However,  there in this interesting place, when the punters’ luck is in , only one single penny drops, and magically, at the chasm that promises pocketfuls of small change, there is a piece of paper. On this mere slip of recyclable paper is an enormous piece of wholly personalised, yet entirely universal philosophy. No-one’s paper is exactly the same, and no-one can show another the idea, advice, aid de memoire,  or insight to another person, no matter how close.

The only certain way to show any other the wisdom thereon, therein, is to live it. Even if you cannot bring yourself to try and win wisdom of life, come and watch how others come away from this deux ex  machina with anything but disappointment on their visages.

It isn’t called the Penny Drops machine casually. The spirit of the thing is in turning the cliche of winning a small fortune into becoming rich in soul and psyche. The penny will turn all thoughts of fortune into belief of will to a life opulent of wisdom, knowing and feeling as only a human can. “A penny for your thoughts?”

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