Jim Ladd – Issue 17

Visiting the setting for the recent blockbuster movie, Grainspotting, talking with the couple who provided the screenplay for the film and were consultants for location and locomotion.

Mr Hart Felt and his partner, Fuzzy, show us round the locality, taking in the shed where the character, Bugfree goes potty when noticing the wheat is mixed with the chaff.

There’s also the model railway set that stood in distance shots during the great beano scene.

“We ain’t ‘ad a train, 00 full-scale like, pass through ‘ere since our boy were a nipper, only the odd wagon train.” said Hart.

 “An’ that bridal train; were a big ‘un an’ no mistake.” chirped in Fuzzy

“Ay, it were ‘at.” agreed Hart.

There’s also the place of the seminal scene in the Felt’s outside netty, where Ewan Mee’s head emerged from the barley, choking from an overdose. The Oasthouse is still buzzing from hosting the stars.

“A few weeks a’ter they gone, I couldn’t get my hops kip. They left a studio light behind that came on at all hours and made me jump.”

“Ah, but we ‘adn’t the same problems as that welsh pair who hosted that film, ‘Full English Breakfast at Ifans’. All la-di-dah they were.” Fuzzy added.

“Ar, an’ the tubes and crystal-fluted glasses left about were sommat criminal.” Hart said as he loaded another bale into the thresher.

We refused the hospitality of Greengage wine and homemade wholegrain bread, and left the Felts to their cosy and colourful life beyond the glare of movie spotlights, and left them to the noisy tenor of their way.


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