Cover Story – Issue 17

Welcome To The World

Global capitalism isn’t the only force incorporating the whole labour market into its plans; we at The Inconsequential are entering into a new and exciting era of  co-operation and internationalism in welcoming some authors from across the world. From as far apart as USA and Australia, Norton and Guisborough, we are proud to include diverse and interesting articles and poems that will entertain you thoroughly.

Whilst our new co-writers work for nothing, the capitalist’s dream, the profit in our enterprise is in the presentation and reading of these most worthy narratives. You’ll see that the division of labour is of the premier kind, producing overhead kicks of match of the day quality, but ironically by being able to more than string a sentence together, they can have our attention on a string, and for just as long.

Such additions to our canon will only enhance our appeal to the world as audience.

By widening the cultural perspectives and voices we will transform the magazine into a multi-literary outpouring: an end in itself rather than just a means. Our initial micturation into the void will be an enriched stream of consciousness, wherein we can carp at the zeitgeist, flay the rich and infamous, but not flounder in their shadows and trout our own brand of SOH around and including the world; to find our plaice in the scheme of  things that go bump in the corridors of empowerment.

We and our new found friends will not be overcome by the fumes emanating from the stench spewing from the mouth of the single, faithless and unimaginative ideological voice deafening the planet.

We will continue to act the goat part of the Satyrists in the mythology of free-speech, and reflect the energies of human nature to resist conformity and economics, and stretch the credibility of humour to side-breaking point, allegedly. This development has somewhat rejuvenated the magazine’s faith in the virtues of launching satire into the void of material certainty; we are at least seeing where some of our gentle spittle is landing, rather than its entire disappearance into the darkness of the ether. Even satirists’ best cutting words get lonely without an ear to land in.

With added cultural points of view, the magazine can only grow, not only from A6 to A5, but conceptually to appeal to so much more of the globe. Also, the ethos that spawned the magazine is fully maintained as each contributor is interested in expression without monetary gain. This is the best of our human expression that so many movements, in writing and in pictorial art particularly, have failed to establish, often replacing one elite with another, whilst claiming the democratisation and revolutionary impulse that should see the end of art being valued in money, fame, power and influence by social-economic patrons,  promoting artists with a capital A.

We as editors also welcome the new views of a world which thankfully still has diversity of thought despite the best efforts of standardising material power brokers that see the world as a monetary market for raiding and stripping of its assets, assets that include shared and diverse perspectives of the world. Perspectives that can be expressed with skill and alacrity if only they are given the forums to expand their art.

Here, at The Inconsequential, it is our continued aim to provide a free forum for the world to communicate through art.


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