Rhyme With Reason – A Poem From The Potomac – Issue 16

A poem in Imitation of London by Johnson which is in Imitation of the
Third Satire of Juvenal

Through lightness and grief my wallet rebel
When fractured minds bid this town a farewell
Sorry dear Johnson for a few stolen words,
But I needed the attention of the herds.
Along the mighty Potomac sits a great city,
In an age of leaders that are far from witty.
People have no jobs, and even less money;
We stretch a dollar till comedically funny,
Politicians take no facts into concern,
With their venomous words they seek to burn,
But, they agree on what time to adjourn.

Newsrooms will fly into a fury over a tweet,
But not the homeless, dead vets, and crack on the street;
Our priorities are celebrities, how askew
National Debt, Lost Houses; (is Taylor’s handbag new?
Kim, Paris, and Lindsay their sex we do see
With everyone’s focus turned inward and not to me.

David does not need a few more true Brits,
But D.C. could send them a few brain dead twits.
Or we could throw them down the river Styx
That may rid us of those government pricks
Ellicott built a town revered for its power
But, fame seekers now turn it into their Ivory tower
A place to insert themselves in public view
Until the Reaper says their time is due
Their needs always placed before the masses
Making sure their raise always passes

We could look back a dozen decades ago
Before the citizen was a government foe
When public servant and Patriot were the same
Hunger for power and greed were at least very tame
Years ago we went to war as a country
We rationed gas, woman made planes of war,
Flags flew and TV wasn’t obsessed with gore
Soldiers did only one maybe a second tour.

This nation was built and was full of pride
But now we must double think and no longer abide
Edicts of a government out of control
Before they dig us into a deeper hole.

Now here I know dear public you may resist
But please continue to listen I must insist,
Oil Companies aren’t villains from some
Jacobean Tragedy; that’s just dumb.

Greenpeace would say the Gov needs to raise their fees,
Because we are the Lorax we speak for the trees
Forget that the government makes six times as much
We say Big Oil needs to be more like the Dutch

Your house is foreclosed there is no way to stay

Government should take care of us, make them pay
HUD, TARP, ACORN they will save the day
(Oh wait never mind) I guess that stimulus didn’t fit
Maybe they should have cut the partisan shit.

They side step the blame and push it to Bush
And to believe that takes more than a liberal push
Obamacare and the Stimulus didn’t help
Unemployment hasn’t dropped, and the Unions
Are to blame, they can close down a shop
With the White Houses’ great aid
The government seems to be struck with a curse
It has run off the tracks just like this verse

So you deceitful Congressional gang
Count out the citizens you want to hang,
Line them up before that fateful house
To try and make the poor look like the louse
And awake that auspicious resident
Who has the title of “our” P________

So I take just another moment of time
And I hope we can stop this political crime
Done are the days where we sit back and wait
We must redirect the burning of our fate
Democrats and Republicans are just as bad
No matter what you hear from the latest fad
The time has come for us to remove their power
This is our cause this is our hour
Stop making elections about celebrity grade
Then perhaps real changes can be made.

Unlike meager Thales I ask you stay
In hopes that political tides we can sway
And return to the glory of Washington’s day
Because this is the fucking US of A

Written by Andrew McDonough

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