The Little Editorial – Issue A5

The sun beaming down from a cloudless, cobalt-blue sky; the gentle hiss of countless leaves as trees sway in the cooling breeze; perhaps the distinctive call of a wood pigeon or two; the somnolent drone of honey bees as they go about their business; the pounding beat of a Dance Mania 2011 track emanating from the open window of an apathetic neighbour. Ah, the unmistakable sounds of Summer in Suburbia!

Of course, there is one more sound with which we’ve all become familiar. A sound that thrills us to the very marrow and elicits such a display of excitement that it could legitimately be called corybantic! I refer, naturally, to the graceful thud of the newly-minted edition of that once-monthly-rapidly-becoming-quarterly magnum libris as it hits the coffee tables of blessed call centres and homes alike: THE INCONSEQUENTIAL! As you hold this latest issue in your work-weary fingers, stained as they are with the grubbiness of honest toil (if you’re reading this on the website, those stains are your own business), you’ll have noticed, almost imperceptibly, that something seems a little different. Yes, the boundless wit is still there, as is the insightful commentary on today’s world and the undoubted erudition…but wait! There seems to be more of it…and, what’s this?…I can actually read it!!

Yes, you’re right dearest reader. Your editors have, finally, broken under the inestimable weight of your opinion and, for this issue only, increased the size of the font, page, image et al. As we all know, size isn’t important, but we hope and trust this enlargement meets with your approval and allows our modest articles to reach previously impenetrable regions. As with most areas of life, especially Channel 5, a favourable response will encourage a repeat performance, so if you like it, your new A5 edition will stay.

However, if you’re just an old traditionalist who views a change of underwear as too emotionally trying then a return to the familiar A6 is just an e-mail away.

Regardless of size, your favourites, both old and new, remain. Jos Bitumen, Sharkey, The Ethics Girls, they’re all here, together with the latest part in our current serialisation, A Tall Story and a further portion of Stalin’s Breakfast. Dive in and enjoy!

New and exciting challenges lie ahead for your editors here in Incon Towers, but it all means nought if we don’t have you with us. Come along for the ride and let us know how it was for you by visiting the website, and leaving your comments, whether good or excellent. Remember, there’s always time for levity and we’ll always have time for you.

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