Miscellany – Issue A5

TIN-POT PHILOSOPHIES by Confuseus (an unemployed carpenter of no repute.)

Lesson One: Life’s a bit like dancing on sand. You need to micturate (piss, in the common parlance) in it so as to congeal a little island, to stop yourself sinking. You’ll be O.K. until it dries out.

Lesson Two: The universe is governed by Sod’s Law. Don’t puzzle over why the toast falls buttered side down, it’s Sod’s Law.

When your spit into a vast wash basin lands on the tap, it’s Sod’s Law.

Also, when you have been working nine hours and haven’t even exchanged the merest word with another living soul, and on the stroke of six o-clock, some call comes in with the most complex case you are likely to get in this lifetime, it’s Sod’s Law.

Lesson Three: Exceptions. When someone says that you must put the Party’s (Corporate) Group’s interest before your own at all times, it’s an authoritarian edict, not Sod’s Law.

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