Media Pages – Issue A5



Get physical – Kick some mass’Fill in a black hole in your knowledge and get A BRIEF HISTORY OF TIMEWASTING. Make your tabletop conversation a denser matter. People won’t be able to look through you.


Whose House Is It Anyway? The new reality series that shows live evictions and repossessions. Watch while unsuspecting and suspecting folk are given a visit from officials hell-bent on seeing these people move out of dwellings they no longer have a right to inhabit.

The new series of political domestic intrigue called THE BOLD AND THE PRETENTIOUSLY BEAUTIFUL, follows the dynasty of the Calibri family. They are the owners of a copperplate mine in some outback, where the map still says, “Here there be workers.”

The new crime drama series featuring a vengeful Jessica Fletcher returns, updated for the Twenty-first century. MURDER THE SCROTE. Begins Friday.


WINGDINGS 3 revisits the story of LD Vinci, a man so obsessed with symbols that even nothing means something. Hence the sequel. If only the writers, directors and best boys realised that despite using the number three, it times 0 still equals 0.  “Too complex for me.” Stephen Hawking.

The new film by Diddley Squat came out last week to puzzled punters. LATE RUNNER is a Sci-Fi romance tale of Joe Hacate and his quest to find himself. The plot has him as a replicant who wants to be treated like a human being, pursued by a human being who wants to be a replicant, being treated like a human being.   Not complex, merely convoluted. Time Was Magazine.  Needs voice-over narration. Irony Weekly.  Didn’t understand any of it, but it was prettily shot.  Ziggy Vertov


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