Poo Corner – Issue A5


Saddened by the day breaking fast

Hurt by the barbed-wire laughter

Stopping in a pit tired of closed circuit

Hating the speed repeating each tiresome round

That technopornographic lap dancing


That stink of burning watermarked flesh and bone

Evaporating precious water so that the innocent can’t crack a smile

And emperor butterflies play while homes burn

And hopes are inflamed in charity tinderboxes

Even the sun is down;

Though it will be up bright and early tomorrow, again.


Words wave and dance

Like a gun’s magazine

The subject somewhat

Abject me firing blanks

From a fortified skull trench

Who are the over anxious

The non-combatants yet

My alien forked-tongue

Stirs the alphaspaghetti soup.

Why am I

Brick pen talking

Foot by foot

Weaving a story I can’t read yet.


Piling up hour by hour
Thinking stillness smelling a flower
Remembering playing on a bough
Before growing; an even deeper bow
To persons holier than thou
Expecting deference even though
They’ve the character of a so-and-so
So, if we do reap what we sow
We need our brow to furrow
Cut earth in lines made anew
Reclaiming the vitality of now
Using history as life we know
And instead of yes we’ll say no
Figuring out where we’re heading to
Breathe fresh cool air, not sniff glue
We must strip the thread off the eternal screw.


A night-light afraid of the day that might
A hand squeezes a heart and blood green oozes
Clouding eyes half-closed with weight of tears
Celebrating unplucked truths, remembrances
Vital and immediate, explaining beauty therein:
Crescents lolling in a soundscape of some joy,
Overhearing a shared joie de vivre,
A mind squeezes a heart and cries.


Doors slam, key words turn
Corkscrewing tears in flesh
Dried up without tears
Pressing a mottled nose hard against walls
Sap full of mirth I never knew
Jealousy becomes envy with wisdom
Ignorance becomes love without hope.


Behind this ironic stronghold
– a cuddle’s much stronger –
My little eyes, dispenses spill
A swallowtail lays beautifully, dead
Lal snog silenced
My tongue flails like a hooked fish
Casting a line to catch a living ear
Not as much as I can see here so
Far in this crazy haze in my mind a
p wriggling a upstream r so lazily t
Ohhellit’serehniylenoldnakrad me
H0vv c I 1 ~ c ^ ‘ ¬ Jj ©đΨشڬ۞₪Ω where am I?№●●▬
DontgojustyetI’vejustbegunmysentence “Out damned fullstop
Undersit Watt Eyam buying 3 crayfish … … … … Where was I?

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