Editorial – Issue 14

March 2011: Lengthening daylight hours, a touch of warmth to the rain, Easter eggs in the shops (£2.00 for a large Flake, Twirl or Wispa reduced from £6.15 at ASDA!!) and, yes, yet another sale at DFS, it can mean only one thing – Spring is almost upon us! That season of regeneration and tantalising excitement at the prospect of long, baking Summer days spent spread-eagled in front of your work-station with a tall, cool soda in one hand and a short, hot colleague on the other. Could life get any better?
Well, yes, you know it could! Lying on the desk on top of your batch header and that memo from Banking about not using the printers, could be…no, not another short, hot colleague…but the latest, hot-off-the-press, mind-enhancing, intellectually-challenging edition of that four-teen times (at least) in-a-lifetime Cause celèbre, The Inconsequential!!
Happiness is Easy as Mark Hollis once wrote. His was an observation on the destructive power of Religion and a plea to those too ready and willing to believe it. There are those in power who do believe that happiness is not only attainable, but sustainable and we should all take our minds off the incompetence and ineptitude that they exhibit and focus more on those small, but significant areas of our own lives that provide a certain level of contentment. The ‘count your blessings’ approach is not wholly without merit, but it certainly distracts the masses from the wider issues. A 2 x 2 snapshot can be informative and entertaining, but a panoramic scene reveals a whole lot more!
Anyway, the reason I mention happiness in this way is not to make everyone miserable, but to highlight the introduction of a new, regular feature: the thoughts and musings of Jos Bitumen, our very own Dark Poet. He’ll be popping up with literally monotonous regularity to wipe that smile off your face and, hopefully, replace it with a chuckle or two.
That’s it for now, but heed this: More than any other time in history, mankind faces a crossroads. One path leads to despair and utter hopelessness: the other, to total extinction. Let us pray we have the wisdom to choose correctly – Woody Allen.

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