Tall Story (part seven) – Issue 14

“Hi, Alice.”
“Hi, bro. Is Kevin with you, is he alright?”
“Yeah, just about. Although he’s a little shaken up after his brush with that woman.”
“He was lucky she was careless, and he had time to escape. But what do we do now?”
“We go to the police, of course.”
“With what. We haven’t any cast iron evidence.”
“We’ve got to do something, we can’t let that shit Fedora get away with what he’s done.”
“Has Kevin got anything that can help?”
Kevin was sleeping in the other room but stirred when he heard Alice and her brother talking.
After a few minutes and a good cup of tea, Kevin said: “I’ve got a few letters Vinnie received from Fedora’s secretary, while we were inside, the dumb sod used letter headed paper. I didn’t tell you about them earlier because I wasn’t sure that Vinnie was on the level. After what’s happened recently, I guess he knew what went on when Vic was bumped off.”
“What do they say exactly.”
Alice and her brother read the letters and exclaimed, almost simultaneously:
“We’ve got the bandit.”
“Fedora’s setting up these meetings with Vic and suddenly he ends up dead like that. Surely this is enough now?”
“Not necessarily, still circumstantial but if you think about it, that kind of fella never does his own dirty work, so the woman who had Kevin drugged must have been an accomplice.”
“Yes, but she can’t have killed Vic, she’s not bright enough or careful enough to carry out such as murder.”
“The usual thing is to hire a small-time thug to do the dirty, to distance them-selves from it all.”
“Though with these letters we could put pressure on Fedora and flush out the woman and the other murdering bastard in all of this.”
“First thing is we let Fedora know that we know it was him that had Vic killed, and who tried to kill me and Kevin.”
“Hold on, what about that woman you work for Alice.” Kevin said
“Audrey Cooperman. What about her.”
“I think she might be involved.”
“What do you mean?” Alice said concerned
“When I escaped from that bitch’s car, I just about noticed that the car was parked outside the house where you said you baby sit for their kid.”
“How do you know?”
“”He mentioned it before.” Kevin said pointing to Alice’s brother.
“It doesn’t mean for sure that she is a part of this crap. She’s always been good to me.”
“Yeah, but how did Fedora’s hench-woman know about where she lived and that you worked for her?”
“I don’t know about that but I’d put money on it that Audrey isn’t involved.”
“So, we can go ahead and approach the police with what we’ve got?”
“You bet.” Alice said leading them out.

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