News Real – Issue 14

A political club, (name withheld for up to fifty years under the Official Secrets Act) has been temporarily closed due to ongoing police investigations of rude and seductive Polemic Dancing.
According to reports, females alluringly dressed in rosettes and political manifestoes, deliver ideological invective from between their thighs and breasts. Also, the use of the voting three-line party whip has been mooted but not yet confirmed.
A spokesman said: “We’re being persecuted by an authoritarian system that has trouble accepting our needs as a group for places to mass debate.”
The casual and recreational use of coke has been reported, and has been condemned by the environmental groups as reckless without being smokeless. They added that the members were showing little respect for the wider environment, merely the private one they were in.
Members of the church have come out eventually, under supervision, in support of the club’s right to enjoy themselves as long as they contribute to the need for charities. The case continues.

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