Media Pages – Issue 14

The new corporate backed film WE KNOW WHAT YOU DID YESTERDAY is to be released this week. It has been seen in preview screenings and has been received with mixed reactions.
It is an horrific tale of production induced monotony and a white-as-a-meter-sheet knuckle ride hanging on to one’s sanity in the face of producing nothing, but having it measured to the nth degree.
The actor Spruce Willow, a well known method actor, worked in a call centre and bank factory for three weeks to get the sense of his role. He came out of therapy just in time to see the premiere but relapsed on seeing the film.
Reports are that he will take on the role of a zombie to reprise the sense of life in what he has learned, and as a cathartic experience that may expunge his sense of despair.

A new series of the parodic comedy called ARE YOU BEING SERVILE? set in an unnamed modern factory-begins soon. The first episode has one of the workers, a Mr Query, writing to his union to tell them that when they negotiate with the employer in the next wage talks, they must insist that he as a worker is unwilling to pay anything, already earned and spent, back.

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