Letters – Issue 14

Dear Spurs,
I’ve heard murmurs of discontent about the size of your issues. I, for one, think A6 is very handy for slipping into my dinner-jacket pocket without causing an embarrassing bulge.
Also, I find it very cute, so keep up the font.
Yours supportively
Tomas Thumbscrew esq.
Eds: Thanks for the continuing truss in us. We think given the smallprint on such as your mobile phone contract being infinitely smaller and more insidious, our little mag qualifies as honestly large. It’s all relative.

Dear Sassenachs,
GB is made up of more than just England.
Besides, there’s plenty tae amusingly ignore in Scotland. There’s a bigger font of knowledge here, just look at the golf between our two newly formed nations.
So if yer gonnae tak the high moral ground, we’d better hear about the low road to all points on the way to The Outer Hebrides, or Else will get ye.
Yours disgruntled
Mario Bros, Biggar, Scotland
Eds: Even Tee-Time has different cultural connotations.

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