Poo Corner – Issue 12.1

Renewed reflection brings an antic joy
A fresh night light sings to employ
Our senses, awake and vital so soon
We’ll marvel at the harvesting new moon

We’ll turn on to our shared humanity
Eschew hubris for gentle, beautiful humility
That we, in the middle of unimaginable nowhere
Can laugh, cry, contemplate compassion, and care
For all earth’s folks we won’t exactly know
Who, when we’re in light, they’re in darkness
But who, with us share a humane glow
That burns in all who recognise a goodness
of mind, body and spirit.

Her momentary disappearance and rebirth cheek-by-jowl
Leaves an emptiness echoing our most primal howl
Lamenting love’s loss in money’s vacuous pursuit
We can’t feed our soul in a sealed space suit;
This world, a needle point on which we only can abide
Balancing the power of ebb and of tide
Drawing our position on an axis of live
For harmony and equilibrium for which we strive.

Her enigmatic voice in the music of the spheres
In our glorious cosmic aloneness there should be no fears
Only wonder at our awareness of a universal hole
Wherein she mediates the sun’s light, like milk, cooler and whole,
She whispers lessons of our apparent lifeless surface
But teaches us of things deeper than skin, our inner space
Where we can embrace the astounding cosmic zeroes
Sensing it’s the place of the one that makes stunning the rose
In this wonderfully hard place we breathe  into our thought balloon
And exalt her, that pointlessly pivotal rock, the moon.
Stationed in Waiting
Sitting alone, securely, closely monitored
By thieves and vandals stealing a glance on their cable TV.
I’m happy we’re all in it together, drunk on Cameron’s real tales.
While I’m here I may as well have another pint, newsreader.

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