Media Page – Issue 12.1


The new musical OUT ON MY EAR does the rounds to sell-out audiences.
Crowds were titillated by many rau-cous and crassly populist tunes.
The last and most bowel-moving ditty that has the audiences swaying like a corporate wave is Busy Doing Nothing Useful that ends with a mantra-like chant that never fails to get the audience’s juices flowing, “I’d like to acknowledge I’m unhappy but I’m busy doing unpaid overtime.”
In one venue, the audience held a sit-in because they wanted the musical to stay in their town.
So, for one more night the musifest was back by populist command. What the audience didn’t know was that the firm sponsoring the musical had insisted the venue have it back for the night otherwise they would close the place down. They did, after all, own the chain of amusements the venue belonged to.


The move to air the film A MIRROR CRACKED on October 31st was shelved as objections were raised concerning its cruel irony.
The distributors refused the move on  the grounds that it was considered ill-luck to show Black & White movies in a world so full of technicolour.

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