Judged by the company that keeps us?

Some heart-warming quotes from people associated (even through advertising stipends) with So-and-So plc – a global corporation that has world domination in its sights.

The Ostrich twins from Chicago say:

We are pleased that our dad works – anywhere! But we are more pleased that mum works two jobs to make ends meet due to the paltry wage dad brings home from So-and-So plc.

Heidi Noseeky from Cologne says:

My daughter dies a little as a human being every day she works at So-and-So plc. As her mother I have to endure the agony of watching the process.

Work widow Stanilslawa Twanky from Krakow says:

My husband spends more time at So-and-So plc than he does with me, a life he loves: either he’s a workaholic or he doesn’t love me anymore. He has to be formally introduced to the kids when he intermittently comes home to change his underpants!

Karl Max Webber III from Pittsburgh says:

My father says (in a disturbingly even tone of voice) that So-and-So plc is a great place to learn… global capitalism, economic opportunism, anti-unionisation, noblesse oblige, exploitation of the vulnerable, time-travel, propagandist hypocrisy but definitely not Marxism.

John Doe from Milwaukee says:

At So-and-So plc my father plays in a virtual team and will be canned at the drop of a profit. I also think because he works in HR he should not see the control of people’s livelihoods as a game, it’s cruel or so the brethren teaches us.

Lotte Laffsloudest from Berlin says:

I am proud that my number one (he doesn’t like me calling him that as he insists he’s a partner not a prisoner) works at all, even in the servitude of an empty rhetorical device like “best company,” given the detrimental effect, on the availablility of good jobs, of global conglomerates that treat workers as cattle in a market.

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