No Ordinary Jo

I was lost in the darkness

A tunnel of no love

Groping, stumbling, grasping onto spider-thread

Vainly hoping this home-spun silken net

Would bare my waiting soul to the world

And carry me closer to the light

Where someone – no ordinary Jo – would be waiting.

No web of intrigue this, just open weave

Clear, strong and clinging to the hope that this time

The light is more than just a reflection of my rekindled desire

Dancing mockingly back at me from a double-glazed expression.

A brightness is filling this still dark void

Your voice is light, but does it carry a torch for me?

It so often dims only to dazzle

Like the beam from a lighthouse, always shining, but not always at me.

Is your glow a welcome – or a warning

Or just your dying embers of my once hearty fire?

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