Sharkey The Great White – Issue 11

“Seeing the electrics have gone haywire, I guess your first words will have to wait.” The Human said coolly, hiding his frustration from his aquatic pal.
Sharkey waived his dorsal  fin in acknowledgement.
“In light of how you seem to have a degree of cognition already…”
Sharkey wanted to interrupt but bit his tongue, so to speak. “I’ll give you a brief synopsis of what it is to be human.” the man continued. “Just so, when you come to talk and all,  you’ll not feel like a fish out of water – no pun intended…”
He proceeded to summarise the seven ages of man before detailing:
“Then there’s royalty where a certain section of a populace are awarded wealth and influence and are afforded respect and admiration based only on an inherited status.
Also, there are other groups that are in positions of power and influence and that are not affected by certain socio-economic conditions, even when they contribute to and formulate the very conditions that impinge on those that help, if not wholly, produce the wealth that is then appropriated by these elite groups.”
Sharkey looked puzzled but it was more that someone could work in such a position as this man was and get away with spouting Marxist theory to a Shark. From what Sharkey had already read, such ideologies that might contradict the current advanced capitalist, corporate coercive oligarchies were extremely dangerous and would not get you invited to parties, unless they were held underground.
(to be continued)

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