Scenes From The 21st Century – Issue 11


A figure emerges from the rafters and carries the only light on stage in its mouth. The cheeks are heavily rouged and puffed out like someone blowing a trumpet vigorously.
As the light comes down its narrow beam scans, first a black figure totally erect, then a white figure equally erect, making a bleep with each contrasting coloured figure passed.
Suddenly, in the farthest corner, another light appears as a form of check-out counter with ‘Ten Identities or Less’ emblazoned above, in faltering neon-type lighting.
From the other side of the stage come nine figures, overdressed and over-sequined and propelled on rollerskates of fluorescent colours, and they flash like safety lights intermittently.
As the last skater passes the checkout and the beeping has ended, the stage falls into immediate darkness.
All excepting the grotesque figure that now rises into the rafters, taking the last of the light with it.
A black curtain falls.
Then the fire curtain falls.

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