Media Page – Issue 11

Cinema reviews:
The premiere of the kitchen-sink drama by Herbert Dabb was somewhat muted as the audience found WHERE THERE’S MUCK THERE’S LIABILITY too mired in legalese. Even the Latin subtitles didn’t help.
A cinema in Todmorden had the ignominy of seeing the only patron walk out half way through as he’d finished what he’d come there for, and it clearly wasn’t the film. Microwave.

At the only simplex cinema in The Outer Hebrides, the blockbusting musical, PROLETARIANS ABOUT SKINT was cheered on by the crowd as classic song and dance were smoothly rendered by the Crap-pack of Frank Suit, Gene Poole and Fred Bare.
The ensemble piece of ‘American Burgers With Relish’ was particularly popular, as was the tender jingle, ‘I Would Have Worked All Day’. Demand is such that it is being kept for a further week.

TV: Whose Language Is It Anyway?
An election special sees the words Hello, Sorry, Change, Jobs, Choice and Everyone being analysed for their value in the context of Party Electioneering.

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