Evolutions – Issue 11

EVOLUTIONS (answers will be concealed inside texts throughout the issue)
1) During World War II, a major breakthrough allowed the British to detect Nazi submarines surfacing off the coast of England.  This detection device, known as the cavity magnetron, was able to produce electromagnetic waves which served as an invisible searchlight.  In 1946, Dr Percy Spencer was working in his laboratory with a magnetron when he noticed the chocolate bar in his breast pocket had melted.  In 1952, this molecular agitator was available for home use with a hefty price tag of thirteen hundred US dollars.

2) It used to be well guarded secret amongst professional horse trainers that keeping a goat in the same stall with a highly strung thoroughbred would have a calming affect on the horse.  Also aware of the old ‘goat trick’ were unscrupulous gamblers.  Prior to a race, it wasn’t uncommon for a ‘heavy wager’ to arrange the ‘kidnapping’ of the goat in order to unnerve the horse.  This expression is now used when someone is particularly successful at annoying another person.

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