Editorial – Issue 11

Ahh, spring at last! The season of renewal is upon us once again, from majestic oaks to delicate daffs, from little fluffy lambs to home contents insurance (it soon comes round, doesn’t it?) Everywhere you look, Mother Nature is shaking off the dust and brushing those cobwebs away, sprucing up her frontage in readiness for those lengthening, electrically-charged days fizzing with energetic optimism.
Not to be outdone, the editors of your first-rate, ever-evolving, Whatya-having, I’ll -have-a-Campari-and-soda-thanks, third favourite magazine (after Auto Trader and that one you keep on top of the wardrobe where you think no-one will find it. Yes, you know the one I mean!) have finally succumbed to the overwhelming weight of expectation and desire generated by our twelve readers and entered into the spirit of rebirth themselves.
Yes, dear reader, truly exciting times are ahead!! Renaissance men that we are, we’ve raided the loft at Incon Towers, dragged out the Commodore 64, polished it up, waited half an hour for the datasette recorder to load up the software, peeked here, poked there, posted bail and are now ready to bring you: The Inconsequential online!!!
A great day, my people! Today is the official launch of our web version of this satirical little effusion. Find it at www.theinconsequential.com.  All of the back issues are there for your perusal – every single word ever written by your inestimable, but modest editors plus the contributions from our guest writers. More than that, however, you’ll have access to web-exclusive material that we just couldn’t shoehorn into the printed format but wanted to bring to you anyway. Also, if you’re enthralled enough by the three or four-part serialisations to almost remember what happened in the previous issues, then you’ll find on the site full unabridged versions of all the short stories, including a never before seen tale especially for the web.
I should just point out at this juncture that due to some bizarre web jiggery-pokery, we are now the official magazine of the Lesser Antilles, so while your editors prepare for a whistle-stop promotional tour of the Caribbean and some much needed R&R, please plunge headlong into the clear blue waters of Issue 11 and lose yourself amongst the gaily-coloured coral reefs that are the Ethics Girls, Sharkey, Uneasy Listening, et al.
Now, what’ll it be – Bermuda shorts or mankini? Ahhh, I knew this web version would be a good idea…

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