Poo Corner – Issue 10

The mildly infected sow waddles along
Its well-worn path,
Discontent yet entirely silenced
The indiscernible grumblings
Of bacterial proportions eat at it,
Hollowing it out like an haute cuisine avacado
Surrounded by attavists
Protesting at nothing
Merely complaining at something
Or other they’ve eaten in the news
Papers or fed on from the service
Trolley in the corner
They work from the eternal yawn
To the darkening desk
Ogling the primal screen
Keeping fresh no thought
Past its sell-by date;
Radicalism wrapped in film
Anagrammatically vetoing non-entity
After non-entity as choice cuts
To the quick demise of philosophy
Morals and ethics neatly entered
Into each column holding up the
Romanesque edifice
Advertising reich and wrong and
Left, with contingent heartiness,
Energised by the slippery slope
Waterslide politics of fundamentalism
Self life increases yet so does the
Dust, and the webs in our hand-
Held interactive brains beefing up
In solid state of the art gymnasia
Working on the thighs but not
The whys and wherefores,
Shedding pounds making no leaner
And meaner and simultaneously obese
And with admirable spirits
We crawl through thick and thin
Bounce from left to reich
And look peaky whilst watching
The powerful at the trough
We carved out like a primitive
Canoe they stay afloat in

Too many door closers
Afraid, as though there’s
A question blowing in the wind
And that times
Might really change;
Talking animatedly about
The choice of colours
For their hair shirts
Designed by Yves O’Saintagnes.
A life too short to think
Too long to love
Riding waves goodbye
To one voice except
Ownership of a complicit share
In the demiserly vault
Of underwritten ambition.

Today is a day bright with no doubt
Though no drought those with minds like
a sewer pipe will price
That other gloomy day resource that falls
In the classrooms, still
Probably, the crayons will
Curl and swish, drawing
That fiery ball,
And they’ll have no grey,
Hopefully, with which to draw
Any chains yet
Even bees get on the train
Yet fly off when the conductor
Comes around for the day’s ticket.
Though they know where
The magnetism is.

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