Our Man In Hiatus – Issue 10

We’re on the set of the remake of that blockbusting film-noir THEY PAID BY CHEQUE.
The first figure we meet is the director, Jim Cuckoo III, whose previous film made C-status after the first week of its release but has since made a reappearance as a cult-classic: My Knee’s Not My Own. An off-beat biography of a serial sermon attender whose knee developed worrying tendencies of moving to the back of his leg, taking up the stance of a satyr rather than a religious zealot.

Cuckoo regaled us with his well-plotted film noir that has received significant financial backing form the previous Iron Curtain countries. The stars are applying themselves like true professionals: getting hot under the collar if their drinks are both a minute late and not the exact temperature. One of the biggest difficulties for the props department is the acquisition of cheques for authenticity, given their rarity in the banking business. At one point they even recruited the skills of a cartoonist to reproduce the style of cheques that would have been used in the era covered by the film. We’ll update you on progress of the making of when we’re allowed back on set.

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