Media Page – Issue 10

Coming to a urinal stall near you: The Chainless Wonder.
A high-class periodical. The panacea for all those of us who wonder why we are not as free as advertised.

According to our critic, Waiting For Jobbo, the updated, cost-effective version of an old classic, sponsored by Right Cockup, was only half as enjoyable as the last time. The absence of Estragon certainly made the dialogue difficult as each part was spoken by Vladimir. And when Pozzo came on without Lucky, the dynamics were irreconcilably compromised. The cheap laugh gained by the added line: Where’s Lucky?
“He’s been made redundant. He’s been unlucky.” was risible.
And Pozzo’s remit to punish himself over Lucky’s misfortune was pitiable.

The reprise comedy classic, Numb and Number hit the screens once again this week, to repeatedly muted success. The rehashing of an inimitable comedic formula saw the pratfalls of two moronically unemployed ex-bankers as they manoeuvered their way through their redundancy monies. If you want some idea of the quality of this film, then I should just mention the high level of snoring in the cinema when it was last shown in Bury on a wet weekend.

The next detective series: MALCOLM DTI.
The story of a modest, underachieving sort who investigates any case where there is suspected outbreaks of socialist gatherings. His subtle psychological approach in explaining that greed is good is a tried and tested method done in his own unique way. He uses box theatre glove-puppetry. The first episode sees Malcolm DTI setting up an incident tent somewhere in Port Talbot, south Wales, from where he will distribute leaflets explaining the economic virtues of commercial realism from the perspective of performing seals.

Someone No-one Knows Of in Concert.:
BBC online – only if you’ve got a bloody good search engine. An archive film of a brilliant but alas not populist singer-songwriter.

Dial J for Jobseekers by Patricia Highfaluting.
Whatever Happened to Baby John By Kevin Letuspray
Lost Weekend by F J Broker. This is the story of hope dashed by understaffing and a summer surge of work at the bank. Ray Milord is the lead protagonist who works so hard without play, he becomes duller and duller, then finds himself inside the bottle waiting for the love of his life, Jeannie to come and rescue him by rubbing it.
Eds: we hope to bring you some of this book in the future, once we’ve secured rights to reproduce the text.

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