Measure For Measure For Measure – Issue 10

In a clearing in a sustainable forest
AB: Something is afoot
CD: Yea, twelve inches
AB: Nay, not necessarily. Take mine. A foot, yet a mere ten inches (holds his leg out to present the dilemma)
CD: Gadzooks, tis not only short of afoot, tis a dilemma and no mistake. Maynt it be half a hand. If donkeys are indeed measured thus. Methinks you should waive it. (AB shakes his leg) No, not wave, waive it as puzzle, otherwise the plot shall ne’er get on. (AB stumbles and trips over his other leg) Whoa, there. What like from your winter break?
AB: Cold-hearted endeavours: those with choking purse pursue those with no perspective to holistic ruin
CD: How so?
AB: By voting kindness without
CD: So that those withal; get more and those without shall be out suited to juggling hardships
AB: How taxing
CD: In come two of that ilk, silence ourselves as though we were free, free from such unpleasantries
(enter a king, a knight and a bishop)
CD: (aside) Only pawns in their game
King: Where is my queen now. How long has it been…
(Bishop aside to knight) Not that long, so tis said abroad
Knight: At length my liege, tis a measure of her power that she moves about the borders at will, and marks out the extremities of your kingdom
Bishop: (aside to anyone) Yea, but she marks the card of all and sundry who shall not be king
King: How many would vote was such a thing possible?
Knight: (to Bishop too) less than three in ten, my mighty sire
Bishop: (to knight) Good god, man, how long ist your tongue that it should reach so far in that the king cannot sit down without your words as a cushion
Knight: Caution, fat of the land. My reach is 52 and my sword a further 20: tis at least 15 on the other side of the wound I will inflict
Bishop: Hold your horses, your threat of terror is duly noted, in no exaggeration, my ring contracts 50%, that I might whistle as though unconcerned by your macho plot to reduce my influence to nought
King: Avaunt, young stud. This conflict has gone on too long. I’d know exactly how long if my timepiece had not snarled in my cod-piece. Tis’ nothing, get thee gone, both.
Bishop and Knight exeunt, nudging aplenty as they go.
King: Ods Bodkins, my kingdom for a Knave.
(a merciful end of Act One)

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